HVAC Maintenance- Tips to Prolong the Life of your Unit


An important part of home ownership is the maintenance of your HVAC, it helps you avoid possible breakdowns, save utility costs and improve efficiency. You also have to remember that it is important to turn off the electrical breakers to your HVAC every time you perform some maintenance. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your unit, here are some tips that you should consider in order to make sure that your unit is working properly.

  1. Every time you change your filters, you have to check if the fan is properly placed because as it operates it can become loose caused by vibration. Check if the bolts that holds it in place are not loosened in order to avoid the fan from moving.
  2. You have to check the fan belts if they need to be replaced because these are one of pieces that continuously moves in your furnace. One of the signs that helps you determine that your fan belt has already stretched or loosened is if you can see that it is already shiny.
  3. Check for dirt and dust build- up on the fan blades because this can cause strain on the motor and throw your fan out of balance. You have to check the vacuum and blower area and you can also use a brush or rag to wipe off the dust in the fan blades.
  4. To help the blower motor keep on running smoothly, you can put a few drops of oil on it. You also have to keep in mind that before doing so, consult this matter with your HVAC maintenance person if you can put oil on the motor or not because some motors are sealed and doesn’t require oil.
  5. If your unit is a combination of heater/cooler, it is a good idea to have it checked every season. You also have to bear in mind that it is important for your unit to be checked by an HVAC maintenance professional once a year. Checking the various components, such as air filters, Post tension pipe, belt, the air ducts and fan controls is also a good idea.

Taking care of your HVAC unit will help you prolong its life and reduce the maintenance cost. Waiting for such unit to be broken will only give you a higher expense in fixing it that is why having it checked regularly is advisable. The chances of having a broken air conditioner in the middle of the night is unlikely to happen if you will have your regular HVAC maintenance.

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